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Let Webstract create a truly immersive home cinema for you and your family

Home Cinema uses a combination of audio and visual components to recreate the experience of a professional movie cinema. The set-up may be as elaborate as an entire room professionally wired with multiple speakers and a Blu-Ray player and Media Server attached to a 4K high definition projector & screen.

Webstract’s home cinema bespoke design service

At Webstract we are committed to take the time to fully understand our clients requirements to creating the perfect home cinema experience.  From the first discussions and ideas, we can make a design come to life with our specialist rendors, so our clients can see exactly what their home cinema will look like before its actually built.

Either as a completely stand alone system or part of a wider project. From complete bespoke design incorporating automated projector lifts, lighting, blinds, HVAC, AV equipment and speaker choice, the system is totally tailor made to your requirements and budget.

Through partnerships with leading manufacturers, we strive to deliver breath-taking home cinemas providing crystal-clear, powerful and focused vision and sound that can be felt as much as heard. We can also provide customised, effective sound treatment solutions so you can enjoy the full cinema experience without worrying about upsetting the neighbours.

Simple control

With a myriad of systems in place in a cinema, control of all the devices can result in a lot of controllers being needed. One simple device can replace all these, everything becomes easy to navigate and control from a single device.  We can design your control system so that at the touch of a button the blinds drop down, the lights dim, and the projector switches on allowing you to simply relax and enjoy your favourite movie!

Webstract brings cinema into the future with a unique combination of design and technology yet provides the user with simple usability and control.

If you are interested in a home cinema of your own, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.