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Smart Lighting

Smart Lights
Smart Lights
Smart Lights

Smart lighting will subtly, but effectively, influence the ambiance of your home, complementing the aesthetics of its décor, while also providing convenience and energy efficiency.

Brighten or dim any light in the room or the entire house with a single touch. Or automate lighting to respond to your life, without any touch at all.  

  • Lights can be programmed to turn on when you enter a room and back off again when you’ve left.
  • Outdoor lights automatically turn off before the sun comes up and back on again as the sun goes down.
  • A “Goodbye” button lowers the blinds, adjusts the heat and turns off the lights.
  • Fixtures can be programmed to always illuminate at 80% to save on bulb life and be programmed to operate alongside the blinds and thermostat to save money on the energy bill.

The house can even appear occupied when no one is home, by using the Control4 Smart Lighting solution it is sophisticated enough to enhance safety and security within the home.

  • While away, lights, blinds and even televisions can activate in a random fashion so it appears that someone is home.
  • Motion sensors can be programmed to turn lights on inside or outside of the home, if movement is detected, and then send you an alert when the sensor in that area is triggered.
  • Lights in the home can flash on and off repeatedly when the security alarm is triggered, drawing more attention to a security breach

It’s not just smart, it’s brilliant!