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Home Cinema

Let Webstract create a truly immersive home cinema for you and your family

Home Cinema uses a combination of audio and visual components to recreate the experience of a professional movie cinema. The set-up may be as elaborate as an entire room professionally wired with multiple speakers and a Blu-Ray player and Media Server attached to a 4K high definition projector & screen.


Webstract’s home cinema design service

Webstract are committed to creating the perfect home cinema experience either as completely stand alone system or part of a wider system. From complete bespoke design incorporating automated projector lifts, lighting, blinds, HVAC, AV equipment and speaker choice, the system is totally tailor made to your requirements and budget.


Home Cinema Speaker Systems

The sound of your home cinema system is just as important as the picture. Webstract are suppliers of some of the highest quality brands of home cinema speakers. We choose speaker arrays from Bowers & Wilkins and Artcoustic based  on room layout and budget. Whether you want speakers that stand out in your room or are hidden in the walls, we have the product for you.


With perfect sound there is a need for a perfect picture

We have a huge range of displays that we can install, depending on your room size and budget, we select the right option for you. These can be fixed screens, electric screens, curved and masking projections screens, we help you to select the right screen.


Simple Control

With a myriad of systems in place in a cinema, control of all the devices can result in  a lot of controllers being needed. One simple device can replace all these, everything becomes easy to navigate and control from a single device. Using the control panel everything is accessible including dimming the lights, lowering the projector, closing the curtains, all from a single device, allowing you to simply relax and enjoy the movie.


Kaleidescape Bluray & Music Server

Kaleidescape delivers the ultimate movie experience by providing easy access to your entire collection of Blu-ray and DVD movies in the highest audio and video quality available, and exciting new ways to share and enjoy the finest moments of your favorite films with family and friends. As the servers are stackable, the system can accommodate any size film collection.


Luxury Cinema Seating

We provide luxury seating which has an emphasis on quality and comfort. We can supply a range of bespoke seating arrangements to match your room design and layout in various options and colours, all designed to ensure you are thoroughly comfortable when the curtain drops and the movie starts.