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Installation Process


We believe that the most important thing in any system is to look after the needs of the client, which is why we use a tried and tested process to design, install and hand over all of our jobs.

Below is an outline of the steps involved in the installation process:


Initial Consultation

Firstly, we arrange an informal face to face meeting, usually in our demonstration facility, to discuss what you want from your system and help you come up with a requirements list. From this we produce a full specification of what the system needs to include. At this point we discuss the choices available, based on your budget and how the system is to be used.


System Design

We take all the information in the specification and design a personalised solution, which ensures it is totally tailored to your requirements. This design covers everything from product choice, cabling diagrams and mock-ups of how the system will look in your home. This is fully discussed with you or your client before installation begins.


Installation and Setup

The installation covers all the required cabling that is needed. This can be done either by our fully qualified electricians or, if the system is going into a new home or one being renovated, we can give the cabling specification to your own builders. The majority of your equipment will be programmed and set up in advance to make the on-site installation as easy as possible.


Commissioning and Handover

After final testing and checks have been done, the system is officially handed over. Depending on your equipment, this will include a full explanation and demonstration of how everything works and that you are happy with it. For more complex systems we can provide documentation on how to use the system.


Ongoing support

At Webstract we are committed to making sure you get the most out of your system for years to come. As well as product warranties, we also provide service contracts to ensure your system keeps working well into the future, as well as giving you great deals on upgrades.