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THX Calibration

Ensuring you get the best image possible

As part of the unique bespoke service offered by Webstract, we are one of about 250 authorised THX Qualified Video Calibrators that can truly enhance the image from your TV’s and Projector. Our own demonstration cinema has been fully calibrated so both the audio and visual elements are as the film studio wanted you to truly see and hear the masterpiece you choose to view.

This set up and configuration is part of the service and will truly bring your images to life. Too few consumers ever see their TV’s or Projectors calibrated to perform at the level the device is fully capable of.  Even fewer users of displays understand the impact the environment plays on their perception of the images being viewed.  Our extensive experience in home theatre design and installation, product development and continuing research provide solutions to video environments.  The products and services we offer make the time our customers spend in front of their TV’s or Projectors “the best that it can be.”  These efforts will result in accuracy of presentation, optimization of equipment performance, a relaxing viewing environment, and in the case of home theatre or video gaming, a more entertaining experience.