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Home Cinema Experience

Come along and see for yourself in our truly immersive home cinema, where you will experience 4k high resolution and Dolby Atmos surround sound Smart Home Technology at its best…

View our VR Showroom Tour
View our VR Showroom Tour

When you visit our showroom you will:

  • Meet an expert with many years experience in home audio visual applications
  • Discuss your aspirations and the options available for your home
  • See and hear some of the very latest home cinema and smart home technology

To book your visit please complete the form and we will contact you to agree a convenient time:

Whether you would like to have a dedicated home cinema, a family media room, or are just looking to upgrade your existing equipment, Webstract can help you create that unique space for you and your family to enjoy movies, sports and gaming at home.

We design and engineer everything around you, the sound, picture and décor, whatever your style we will work with you to create perfection.  If fixtures are required to be discrete, we have a range of options including invisible speakers and hidden projectors, and will integrate everything seamlessly to create the ultimate family experience.