Commercial Communities

We’ve worked with many of the UK’s most respected commercial developers, private companies and architects to deliver the highest quality services. We’re passionate about designing Smart Home solutions for prime residential schemes, Building Management Services and Door Entry systems, providing you with the right framework and infrastructure, giving you flexibility to offer a range of options to the end customer.

Our experienced team will craft technology design solutions for Audio, Video and Automation solutions for hotels, bars and other high-demand spaces that are used in different ways at different times of the day or week. 

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Today’s luxury developments and buildings demand smart technology and future proofing.
From the front entrance to each and every property, our solutions can deliver world-class audio visual, home automation, cost saving efficiencies, enhanced security and streamlined operations.
Smart Homes are shaping the way we live and the benefits they bring are delighting builders, developers, property managers and homeowners all over the globe.

Properly selected, installed and configured audio, video and lighting equipment can create the exact type of environment that you want and your customers will love. From expertly-calibrated sound and video systems for sports bars & restaurants to create an ambience, transforming gym/fitness centres with intuitive control, creating a quaint boutique cinema using the latest cutting-edge audio video technologies, or upgrading hotel suites for a complete digitalised user journey. We remain focused on helping you create an environment that will maximise an experience.


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